OK so it looks like a lot of people have overlooked some info in the upgrade.txt for Mystic at or around the A47 mark, so I will make some lives easier by describing the issue and how to fix it.

Firstly, this only really applies to anyone using Mystic A47+ and the IBOL client, there’s a feature in IBOL that allows you to scroll back through the message history however since A47 Mystic uses a new ansi viewer, and the configuration is done now with an ini file. So save time, here’s the link to a default ini file modified to work with IBOL.

There is extra information you will need to know in order to fix the issue. The next step is to save the new ini file in your mystic/themes/default/text/ directory, and then edit the ibol.mpy file located in your mystic/themes/default/scripts/ directory with your favourite text editor.

Once you have the ibol.mpy file opened in the text editor, search for the line bbs.menucmd("GV","ibol;x;y;"+postfile+";END") and replace it with bbs.menucmd("GV","ibol;"+postfile+" /end") - depending on your version of ibol.mpy it might be on line 185 (ymmv).

Once you have done this, you then should be done.

I hope this helps someone, or more people 🙂👍