What is a BBS? Aside from the software that is, what is it and why is it?

To me, a BBS (unless it’s supposed to be commercial) is a personal thing, and should exist just because YOU want it and/or need it. Having other visitors use it also is a bonus.

If you want to make it a place others want to visit regularly, make it unique, make it exciting, the visitors will come.

I don’t go out my way to advertise my BBS at all, I made an ANSI message advert and that is automatically hatched on a regular frequency into numerous message networks adverts message bases. I set up scripts to push notifications about certain activity to places like Twitter and matrix as long as the user isn’t invisible when they log in, again it just ticks away on it’s own.

Make a BBS because you want one, make it your own and make it for you. If it has things that others want to see/do, they’ll come flocking.

I hope this helps, and if you want a hand or pointers setting up a BBS, if you choose Mystic, I can give you some. There are various BBS softwares to choose, Mystic is by far the easiest, but by the same token, the most common. Upon install (which is super easy) you have a stock BBS able to be connected to right away, just make sure to open firewall ports to point to the BBS and you’re golden.