OK so it looks like a lot of people have overlooked some info in the upgrade.txt for Mystic at or around the A47 mark, so I will make some lives easier by describing the issue and how to fix it.

Firstly, this only really applies to anyone using Mystic A47+ and the XQ-Weather door, there’s part of the door that allows you to scroll through some weather stats using the Mystic ANSI viewer however since A47 Mystic uses a new ansi viewer, and the configuration is done now with an ini file. So save time, here’s the link to a default ini file modified to work with xq-weather.

There is extra information you will need to know in order to fix the issue. The next step is to save the new ini file in your mystic/themes/default/text/ directory, and then edit the xq-weather.mps file located in your mystic/themes/default/scripts/ directory with your favourite text editor.

Once you have the xq-weather.mps file opened in the text editor, search for the line menucmd('GV','ansiviewtxt;ansiviewh;0;'+datapath+'cityweather.ans') and replace it with menucmd('GV','xq-weather;'+datapath+'cityweather.ans') - depending on your version of xq-weather.mps it might be on line 39 (ymmv).

Save the file, and compile the mpl script as usual (mplc xq-weather.mps) Once you have done this, you then should be done.

I hope this helps someone, or more people 🙂👍