Welcome to the full help page for Johnny5 MRC bot. This is a work in progress and will aim to list all currently available commands and how to use them.

help n/a This will display some help information in real time
n/a Will reply back to you saying hello!
playing now

Will return the song either playing now or playing next on qUAntUm RaDio!
n/a Will return the URL for listening to qUAntUm RaDio!
nogreet n/a Will disable the greeting you get from Johnny5 when joining the lobby
greet n/a Will enable the greeting you get from Johnny5 when joining the lobby
weather city Will return the weather in the given city, if the city has multiple words like “New York”, then join words with the + character
convert number from to Will convert any value from one currency to another. Currencies are abbreviated, example: convert 50 GBP CAD (to convert £50 GBP into Canadian dollars)
lastseen username Will return when the last time a given username was seen in MRC
lastseen disable

Will disable or enable the lastseen function seeing when you last were in MRC
dad joke n/a Will tell you a random dad joke
tgt n/a Will return the time you have to wait until “thE grAvY trAIn” meatup will next turn up
bible version book chapter verse Will return Bible verses from a given version, book, chapter and verse number. Example: bible kjv mat 25 1

To list versions, just issue “bible” command without anything after. To list books in a version issue “bible version”, you can do the same for chapters and verses.
diceroll nDt Will roll “n” number of dice of type “t”. Example: diceroll 3d6
bofh n/a Return a random “Bastard Operator From Hell” one-liner
disassemble n/a Makes Johnny5 anxious
time n/a Will return the current time in epoch format (seconds since 01/01/1970)
play a game n/a Will tell you how to play a game
lottery numbers n/a Will tell you the next winning lottery numbers
history n/a Will show you the last 5 things Johnny5 has been asked
color code for /
colour code for
Will show you the MCI colour codes for the colour you ask for
bank check
pay {username} {amount}
Check your “JBucks(tm)” balance, and send some of your “J$” to another user
play slots {bid} Play the first ever MRC game, a one-armed bandit!
play blackjack {bid}
Play Blackjack right from within MRC! How much will you win?