Service Name Description Status [matrix] Hosted matrix server for messaging UP qUAntUm RaDio! Internet radio station UP tqwNet UK HUB tqwNet UK echomail hub/primary hub UP tqwNet AU HUB tqwNet AU echomail hub UP tqwNet CA HUB tqwNet CA echomail hub UP thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE The BBS that started all of this UP tqwKDX thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE KDX Server UP tqwKDX Tracker thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE KDX Tracker UP SearxNG tqwNet’s own search engine (not google) UP qUAntOdOn tqwNet’s own fediverse instance UP Current tqwNet Service Status (Updated: 2023-01-01 00:00:00)